My Name is Chelsea. I'm a crazy cat lady and functional medicine dietitian. I specialize in women's gut health and hormones. I offer a root cause approach to recover your optimal wellness. While working together, we use functional lab testing to create a targeted, personalized approach to tackle your symptoms. I offer nutrition, lifestyle and self care coaching with a body positive, earth-friendly vibe.


My Credentials

Bachelor's in Applied Nutrition
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Certified Food Sensitivity Therapist 
Certified Health Coach
RYT Yoga Instructor

Using functional lab testing we are able to uncover the root causes of your digestive, mood and hormonal issues. This root cause approach allows us to customize your nutrition & lifestyle approach, instead of trying every restrictive diet under the sun with limited or short term results. My goal is for you to feel like yourself again and find a sustainable balanced lifestyle that works for you. 

Why Work with Me?

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A Registered  Dietitian (RD or RDN) has a minimum of a bachelor's degree, completes a rigorous 1,200 + hours of clinical work, and passes a credentialing exam. RDs complete in depth course work to complete their program, including Anatomy & Physiology, Organic & Biochemistry, Genetics, Metabolic Biochemistry, and Counseling.

What is a Registered Dietitian?