2021 Wellness Product Gift Guide

November 11, 2021

By Chelsea Potter

Give the Gift of Wellness

Hello sweet friends! If you choose to exchange gifts this holiday season, no better gift than the gift of wellness. And no matter your budget, you will find something for the wellness guru on your list or for the person that just needs a little more self care in their lives.

  1. Cook Once Eat all Week Cookbook: My favorite cookbook to recommend for those who want to enjoy healthy meals with lots of convenience.
  2. Queen of Thrones Castor Oil Pack: One of my favorite wellness practices that decreases inflammation, regulates cortisol levels and improves digestion and detox.
  3. Soda Stream: A classic gift for the fizzy water lover! A great swap for sugary beverages.
  4. Lavender Essential Oil: Giving the gift of stress relief is always appreciated! This high quality product is a great stocking stuffer.
  5. Verilux Happy Light: A game changer for improving mood, energy, anxiety and sleep. I recommend these for almost everyone that works with me as a 1:1 client.
  6. Dash Hardboiled Egg Cooker: HB eggs are my favorite high protein snack on the go. Want easily peeled HB eggs every time? This is your new best friend.
  7. Viva CBD Oil: This full spectrum product is extremely high quality and is a must for anxiety relief.
  8. Hamama Sprouting Kit: Sprouts are a powerhouse of nutrition. Broccoli sprouts in particular are wonderful for hormone balance and decreasing PMS symptoms.
  9. Stasher Bags: The next 3 gift ideas are aimed toward decreasing plastic exposure- which is HUGE for hormone health and for the environment! These reusable bags are sturdy and dishwasher safe.
  10. Bees Wraps: A great sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. A great way to decrease endocrine disrupting chemicals touching your food.
  11. Origin Glass Water Bottle: Yes, even your BPA plastic water bottle leaches hormone disruptors into your water. And yes, it’s a big deal. Origin has a variety of sizes, and if you prefer a 32oz bottle, you get used to the weight!
  12. Pranamat Eco: Acupressure mat that is absolutely wonderful for decreasing stress and improving back pain.
  13. Beauty Counter Holiday Gift Set: I’m new to Beauty Counter’s products and I am already hooked. They are high quality, clean and safe beauty products and the company cares about the environment as well as the consumer.
  14. Zoya Nail Polish: Another awesome clean beauty product that can be a great stocking stuffer!
  15. Swag Bags: Buying veggies only to throw them in the trash a week later? Grab these swag bags that keep them fresh for up to 2 weeks (or sometimes longer).
  16. Levoit Air Purifier: An affordable option to improve indoor air quality. Air Doctor and Molekule also great options.
  17. Mira Pro for Period Cramps: T.E.N.S unit for instant menstrual cramp relief. Compact and wireless!
  18. Magsoothe by Jigsaw Health: Use this link for 15% off! PSA: we all need more magnesium. And when it’s low, we feel anxious and stressed. Perfect for the person in your life that would appreciate some stress relief and sleep support!
  19. Xen Vagal Nerve Stimulator: A higher budget gift, but it may be the perfect thing you are looking for. Vagal nerve stimulation is an amazing for quick and easy stress & anxiety relief. Also great for gut health! Use code CPNutrition at checkout for 10% off.
  20. Blublox Blue Light Blockers for Sleep: Another higher budget product worth every penny. Sleep is transformed by wearing these 1-2 hrs before bed. Use code cpnutrition at checkout for 15% off.
  21. Manta Black Out Sleep Mask: Looking for a comfy black out sleep mask? Look no further.
  22. Four Stigmatic Reishi Cacao Mix: Another stocking stuffer idea. A great calming hot cocoa to enjoy on Christmas morning!
  23. Bearaby Weighted Blanket: Worth the hype. Soooo calming and beautiful to boot.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!